the Preacher's Daughters are Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota 

We met singing in 2012 and both of us felt called to preserve and sing the Hymns and knew the Lord was calling us to sing together as a duo. We both grew up as Preacher's Daughters and in families that sang together. We both LOVE harmony and creating fresh new ways to approach hymns in a fresh and engaging way.  The Lord orchestrated our paths together and brought people and connections to our music ministry.  We found a little white chapel outside of Minneapolis where we created, sang and prayed.  We put out a video in May of 2016 from that historic over 100 year old chapel, and the video was well received, so we continued going back to the chapel and creating live hymn!  It was a confirmation that people of all ages are hungry for the Hymns- the landmarks of our faith! We soon were asked to present Hymns concerts and we began travelling and singing!  We tour all over the midwest and are blessed to be able to present many concerts.  We loved to tell the stories behind the Hymns, as well as sharing light hearted stories from growing up as Preacher's Daughters.   

Our Recording Projects: 

We began working on an album project of 13 HYMNS which was self Titled "The Preacher's Daughters"- it was released in the fall of 2017.  We had much support from a kickstarter campaign from people all over the states. We knew that we had a desire to sing these Hymns & produce a project of excellence. The Lord blessed us with the desire of our hearts:  We are blessed to have Darren Rust of Skyland Studios www.skylandstudio.com/bio as our producer: He is a 4 time emmy award, Dove award and certified Grammy award winning producer and mix engineer who has over 25 years experience in arranging, recording, & mixing and performing contemporary vocal music.  As we were contemplating and praying about orchestrating our project and who we were going to work with, we went to a Guy Penrod concert and met his incredible young pianist who played the hymns with incredible passion. humbleness, sensitivity and creativity!  His name is Tyler Michael Smith- and he is based in Nashville and is an incredible arranger, composer, orchestrater, as well as composed original movie sound tracks.  www.tylersmithcomposer.com  We knew we needed someone to tell the STORY of the hymns and Tyler does that.  (He also happens to be the the middle son of Michael W. Smith!)  We have 13 great standards as well as some cello intermixed and a QUARTET with our dads- "I Love to Tell the Story".  

We just finished a second project with Darren Rust and Tyler Michael Smith- a CHRISTMAS album- "Sweet Hymns of Joy"!  

Interesting Facts:  

We both love to cook, sew and create artistic projects- which actually led to the creation of our popular jewelry line- HYMNOLOGIE- actual antique pieces of hymns - with phrases that the two of us hand select and preserve in beautiful glass necklaces and keychains.  We sell them at every concert as well as select boutique stores. 

Both of us are Moms and Wives as well- Amanda is married to Jim  and they have 5 children! Her father pastored in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and in Iowa.  Korissa is married to Darren, they have 2 boys. Korissa's father pastored in Montana and North Dakota.  We both have been singing in the church since we were small children!